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Enter Our Spiritual Realm Of Repeating Numbers & Conscious Living.

Reason For Being: To awaken your soul, see reality as it is, free yourself from mental resistance, and explore the true nature of ourselves.

Seize the opportunity to unlock the deeper meanings of 11:11, synchronicities, and much more. You'll soon discover that our perceived, shared reality is not what we believe it is.

Jeff Cohen added a discussion

Seeing repeating numbers such as 11:11, 222 and $3.33 typically begins your process of awakening, while simultaneously crushing your perception of everything you believed and perceived as reality. Best analogy is the movie “The Matrix” with Keanu Reeves.

I started seeing repeating numbers July 25, 2006 and they typically precede an upcoming event or change in my life that’s going to bring about growth and even more awareness. 

Did you catch the word precede in my previous sentence? Yes, I see numbers before an event or change. It’s something I know to be true, and yet my mind cannot wrap itself around it or understand this. Yet my soul, or the awareness behind my mind, understands it quite instinctively. 

The consistent fact that I see repeating numbers before an event or change is a total brain buster. 


How can I see repeating numbers before an event or change that hasn’t happened yet, but is going to happen in the future? Is my future already written? How can I receive advance notice like this consistently?

What the heck does this all mean?

I created this thread to help guide you and I on this journey of discovery. 

So, what does it mean when you see 11:11?

Let’s find out…

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