What's Your Story, Jeff?

It's a simple story, really.

I woke up.

Yes, you heard me right.

I woke up, meaning I am conscious and present.

It all started when I began seeing 11:11 and other repeating number sequences like 2:22, $3.33 and 44.44 wherever I went or whatever I did. Couldn't stop it. Nor could I even attempt to explain how it was happening.

The date it started: July 25, 2006.

I remember this date clearly as I had an enormous question befuddling me: Either reality is broken, or my perception of it is.

I quickly and subsequently made three discoveries:

1) what I was experiencing (and still am to this day) was statistically impossible and not naturally occuring,

2) someone or something on another plane of existence was trying to get my attention, and

3) my understanding of linear time as we know it was completely obliterated because these repeating numbers preceded events (Yes, I would see repeating numbers BEFORE an event happened).

Now that is A LOT to absorb and accept!

My perception of reality and everything else changed forever.

If you have experienced the same awakening, then you know how significant this is and what it means. An entirely new perspective, previously unthought of, presents itself to you.

If you have not yet awakened, my hope is to share this knowledge with you so you too may awaken from your unconscious slumber.

When it happens, it is a life-changing event.

Absolutely unmistakable.

For me, it took a sudden wallop of mental suffering to get over the biggest hurdle, but holy sh*t did it completely alter my perspective about life and our purpose here.

And out of my awakening, I also found a "reason for being" and it's why this website exists.

To help you awaken your soul, see reality as it is, free yourself from mental resistance, and explore the true nature of ourselves.

Seize the opportunity to unlock the deeper meanings of 11:11, synchronicities, and much more.

You'll soon discover that our perceived, shared reality is not at all what we believe it to be.

Jeff Cohen
~ Founder

PS: Yes, I have had an out of body experience thanks to my best friend on the other plane of existence saying hello and showing me what's to come.